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Reaching Out During Lockdown

Its been another very busy week of planning and networking for us. We have been working on a new menu which we will be launching at The Globe pub in Newbury. It will be an exciting, vibrant takeaway menu which will be available to purchase Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the foreseeable future on walk up or reservation. We are really excited to be partnering with another local indie who shares our ethos.

This sudden time available to us during lockdown has given us a chance to step back slightly from the 24/7 business operation and utilise the time in broadening our network. We have been focusing on building new relationships with many wonderful personnel within mental health charities. We've been exploring lots of different ways we can collaborate in ways that will make an impact and a difference in the future.

First we talked with Tammy Willsher who does wonderful work with the TimetoTalk charity in West Berkshire ( who support young people through mental health counselling. They have a great piece on life during lockdown in the form of an A to I alphabet guide that is well worth a read and is an excellent piece:

We also talked with Tony & Mandy over at Woking Mind ( who are another fantastic charity. We discussed how we could work with them on events to help tackle mental health stigma and promote mental health awareness. Proudly, each week we are donating £125 to support Woking Mind.

Engaging closely with charities really helps us define how we can use our social media platform and the experience that we give our customers through our messaging to encourage the benefits in talking about your mental well-being and break through the stigma. The advice from Mind has helped us identify 3 key areas we feel Fink can have a positive impact ...

Work - Education - Community

Please do take the time to visit both charities websites who have a brilliant collection of information and helpful resources on the different ways we can look after our mental health.

This is a challenging time for charities so please do support their vital community work by donating if you are able.

We will hopefully be working closely with both charities this year and look forward to what’s to come and helping in any way we can to support our shared aim - supporting good mental wellbeing in the community.

Its Good to Talk.




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