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Cooking Skills For Life - Young People & Children First

Last week we hosted young people from Young People & Children First at Newbury Soup Kitchen for our wellness themed cooking skills class.

YPACF are an amazing charity based in Thatcham who provide homes to young people leaving care or are homeless. Their whole team have been working so hard to launch their third home which is aptly named Hope House. Launching another home will help another group of disadvantaged young people gain stability, shelter and a vital support network in their lives.

Our cooking classes with for YPACF are designed to help young people develop their life skills and knowledge of healthy eating. They encourage participants to learn more about how what we eat influences our physical and mental wellbeing. Importantly, learning to cook food from scratch can help young people develop structure and organisation skills which are so useful in their wider lives.

Fun group activities like this also help young people build connections with one another. Developing a new skill like cooking can also give young people a boost to their self-esteem and self confidence.

On the menu were veggie chilli enchiladas, guacamole, homemade tortilla chips and key lime pie for dessert!

For us, these sessions give us an opportunity to connect with inspirational people in our community who are fighting for a more positive future for young people in our community.

We need to say a huge thankyou to Newbury Soup Kitchen for letting us use their lovely new kitchen for the session. We hope our washing up was done to your satisfaction!

Lastly, thankyou to everyone who pledged to support this event on our Fink Tank kickstarter! You guys are ace.

Peace and love,

Team Fink x

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