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New Beginnings

So firstly, we were super excited to be on BBC radio on Saturday. Check out video below for all the audio.

We love getting the chance to get on air and in the media, it really helps us on our mission in raising awareness whenever we are given the wonderful platform to reach new audiences.

It's been another fantastic couple of weeks, taking into account the current conditions, we continued our commitment to New Beginnings Reading in providing 100 meals weekly, had our first market back in Reading town centre with Blue Collar, which will now be weekly every Wednesday, and have launched our Globe food collection service for every Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-6pm which will hopefully expand to all week once the Globe is able to reopen properly.

Talking of New Beginnings, it is also a new beginning for us and our marquee, after sadly losing it to the torrential weather conditions last Tuesday.

After beginning set up for New Beginnings, torrential weather conditions struck and unfortunately our trusty marquee collapsed.

This gave us a few dilemmas, what to do for the 100 meals starting in the next hour? and also then for the following day for our return to the markets with Blue Collar at Reading town centre.

Luckily we managed to get our pulled jackfruit burgers finished from inside and on time, and they still went down a storm (no pun intended).

We then were blown away by the offers from multiple other traders within the local community offering to lend us their marquee for the Wednesday until we could get a new one arrive and so pleased to say Wednesday was a resounding success with the launch of our Mezze offer out on the stalls to the paying public.

It felt incredibly good to be back doing what we do on the market, and despite all having to adapt to the "new normal" we hope it can continue to go from strength to strength with more markets reopening as it is nice to see our customers in person and work alongside and catch up with fellow traders.

Despite knock backs, things will always get better, especially with the support and help of those around you.

Never be afraid to ask for help.


Lewis & James

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